Home to Him: A Short Contemporary Romance Novel

A Short Contemporary Romance

A couple in love. A drunk driver. How all changed...

Emma and Gavin had been friends their entire life. That friendship had bred a deep love, leading up to their wedding the summer after college. One-night, weeks prior to the wedding, a drunk driver caused their worlds to spin out in directions no one predicted, after the loss of their best friend Elizabeth. Emma left their tiny hometown for a job halfway around the world, never looking back.

Now five years later, a wedding will bring her back to the tiny town of Stetson, Wyoming. She is wracked with guilt, unresolved grief and worry about seeing Gavin after such a length of time. Can time truly heal all wounds? Will they find a way toward forgiving the sins of the past, and a second chance at love in the mix?



Defending Love: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Short Story

Defending Love

Dax and Katlyn’s relationship went down in flames...
Is she willing to give them a second chance?

A decade ago, Dax and Katlyn’s relationship went down in flames when she faced charges for a crime against his family’s business. Fighting to clear her name and build a life for herself, she put him and their past in the rearview mirror. Now, she runs a firm that helps defend those who are charged with cyber crimes that the authorities are ill-equipped to try or defend.

When Dax’s sister ends up in a federal prison on cyber terrorism charges, the best attorney for her defense is the one woman least likely to want to take the case. Katlyn will fight to save his sister’s future, but is she willing to give them a second chance?

Defending Love is a story of second chances and overcoming the misunderstandings of a shared past, to build a future no one imagined possible.



Lost Memories: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Short Story

Lost Memories

College love isn't supposed to last forever... but he can't stop thinking of her.
Will he be able to win her back after all these years?
High school was a harsh time for Kat and Trent, two young, ambitious dreamers building who they were as people, and who they were to each other. As Trent became more passionate and physical with his girlfriend, Young Katherine never felt comfortable with tickles and kisses, wishing rather to talk and dream, together. As they came to realize they wanted to share their ambitions differently, they fell apart, as growing youths often do.

Years later, Kat built her post graduate career in giving nature tours, helping park rangers, and protecting the wild woods and majestic mountains that have welcomed her passions for nature and brightened her spirits. She adores her time spent protective the most beautiful miracles nature has to offer, so much so that she is devastated to learn that a banking firm is coming to explore the possibility of cutting through it in the name of progress and business. And Kat’s regret only grows when it turns out the executive sent to examine the forest for cutting, is non other than her former beau Trent, now a successful industry executive in his own right.

How can two ambitious dreamers, each with their own goals for the future, come to terms with each other, when so much history of conflict exists between them? And how can all the regrets, all the longings, and all the abandoned passions of their pasts bring them together in mutual understanding, and even a desire to come together once more?




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